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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains what information we collect, why we collect them, how we use that information, and how you can update the information.

When you register an account with us through our website or through our app, we ask for your username and your email address to help you keep track of your personalized mutual fund portfolio. Your email address is also used to send out custom price and dividend alerts that you set as well as to reset your password. We also may occasionally send out emails to inform you of any changes made to our website, to our app, to our privacy policy, or any other changes related to our operating activities.

We do not share your personally identifiable information to outside parties. You may change your email address at any time through our website or through our app in the account settings section. Note that if you do change your email address, you will need to have your new email address verified again. You can turn off (or on) your price and dividend alerts only through our app in the Notifications section.

To help us improve your experience, the app also uses Google Analytics to anonymously send crash events and other general app engagments data. No personal information are sent with Google Analytics.